Witch in the Woods Botanicals

A Conversation with Colleen Bonés of Witch in the Woods Botanicals

Witch in the Woods is a botanical body and homecare brand that honors herbal wisdom, traditional harvesting techniques and responsible wild crafting with the products in their offering. All of their products are well-made from quality ingredients, and hyper local herbs to the Northern California region. Today we sat down with Colleen Bonés, Head Witch and Founder of this clean beauty company making waves in the natural beauty industry.

What inspired you to create Witch in the Woods?
At the first herbal school I ever attended, The Dandelion Herbal Center we had to create a final project at the end of the course. I was really drawn to making the body oils and salves so I decided to create a line of products. I loved experimenting with blends of local herbs and flowers that I harvested myself. It was magical and powerful to use my own creations. I remember stirring a batch of infused oil in my home kitchen and thinking how I felt like a little witch in the woods.

Tell me about your first “Eureka” moment when it came to product creation.
When I started experimenting with formulating there was a lot of trial and error. Trying new infusions in different kinds of oils. It was frustrating, expensive and not as easy as I thought it would be. But I have learned since that there is valuable information for me in each failed batch. I made notes and started to fine tune recipes little by little. What I had in the end was a product that I love and can share with others.

What was the biggest fail you’ve experienced?
I think my biggest failure is thinking that I can do it all. In the early days of Witch in the Woods I thought that I could make all products, label, stamp, ship, handle the marketing, bookkeeping the list goes on! I have learned as an entrepreneur to outsource the things I don't want to do so I can focus my energy on what I really want.

What’s your proudest moment?
When I decided to go all in! I wanted to create my passion into my business and was willing to do whatever it took. Best decision I ever made.

How do you approach the creative process when it comes to your products?
I am an herbalist at heart and I add a touch of that in everything I make. Once I know what I want to make, I can get specific about which ingredients I want to use. From there I start dreaming and experimenting with different combinations. I love formulating!

What’s your favorite product you offer right now?
The hand sanitizer is one of our newest products and I love and use it everyday. It's all natural, high quality and aromatherapeutic. Antibacterial ingredients including house made propolis extract, and lavender and peppermint essential oils. It makes me feel safe during these times

Do you have a favorite flower?
It really is impossible to choose one but I love hawthorn. The tiny white clustered flowers are a sure sign of spring. The flowers have a sweet aroma and have similar properties as the berries. I use hawthorn for all matters of the heart. Physically and emotionally, the flowers are soothing, calming, strengthening and nourishing. Its thorns represent having strong boundaries, especially during these times, we must be careful about what we let in. Every year I love to make a complete hawthorn tincture by combining the flowering tincture made in the spring with the berry tincture made in the fall.

You can find Colleen’s products at witchinthewoodsbotanicals.com and use offer code birdofflight for 15% off your order. Thanks for joining us for this #inhershoes interview.