Hello from Bird of Flight!

We are a small,  independent, woman owned shoe brand based in Vermont and California. All of the shoes are designed by me...owner and founder of Bird of Flight.

Our shoes are designed to complement your individual beauty and style.  Each pair is made to last with insanely soft vegetable-tanned leathers and finished with natural waxes and creams. 

Our collections are produced in small-batches,  based on demand, to counter the unsustainable practices of "fast fashion".  We follow Brazil's strict environmental standards to help keep our footprints on the earth only from actually wearing our shoes . We aim to use as little plastic as possible, both in our production and our packing materials. We believe our shoes should get better with wear and when you’re done they should go back to earth as safely and easily as possible. 

Our production is made in small,  family-owned factories where our craftspeople are paid fair and livable wages.

The brand name “Bird of Flight” was created to express the magical feeling of soaring I've experienced in my dreams. Sounds weird, I know, but I also believe that my deceased grandmother sends me feathers and they have appeared in my life in very mysterious ways!  So obviously I needed a bird name for the brand! :-) 

I really love seeing the styles and looks you bring to our shoes - be sure to follow @birdofflightshoes and tag us!